I’m Jessica! Just living that mommy life to my sweet girl, Olivia. I reside in Phoenix, AZ and love the summers even though it is sweltering here! Ah.

I’m not your average girl/woman/mom. Well, I guess perhaps I am. I mean, I love coffee, chocolate, girly-girl stuff, braided hair, long walks on the beach. But, you see… I’m really a lot more than that.  I have one tough background that has laid the foundation for who I am today. I have come through a lot of adversity and have gained so much joy and hope through my journey and I feel called to share that with others. That’s the main reason I’m here. Also… my love for capturing my life through pictures, fashion, fitness, food and the likes.

“My why” for this blog is much deeper than pretty pics… I hope you read my posts to find out more!

Love UP my friends and don’t forget to look up!


Jessica Liv