When you have a little one, sometimes it’s easy to think that they won’t understand the “spiritual” until _______. But oh how I beg to differ! They start understanding much more quicker than we realize. My daughter is only three years old, and already knows so much more about love than many adults. 😉 She just told me all about what love is… and how it is not limited. Yep! She understands God’s love is big…(unlike our flawed human love). I am so thankful that kiddos even teach us lessons as well. Have you ever been humbled by a little child teaching you, let’s say, on forgiveness– as they are so quick to forgive? I have!

Here are some practical, everyday occurrences that can bring up God conversations with your little ones… be ready to listen and see how wise these little hearts truly are! And don’t be afraid to learn something too!


  1. When your little shows off their talents and new abilities.

Discuss – God gives us talents to bring Him glory.

2. When they see something that interests them in nature.

Discuss – God made everything. He is the Creator of all things!

3. When they share or give to others!

Remind them that God loves a cheerful giver!

4. When they make a wrong choice and disobey!

Remind them that sins separate us from God, but we receive forgiveness when we ask!

5. When they make good choices and use self-control and discipline.

Reward them with an encouraging word- they chose to do the right thing and that pleases God, especially when it’s hard!


These are just a few that I use with my little one right now! There are several others I am working on compiling for a more extensive list.

What are some ways you bring God into your daily conversations with your little ones? I’d love to hear! Leave a comment below! 🙂