▪How to Be a Fake Christian ▪
By Believing 10 Lies That Will Wreck True Faith

by Jessica Liv Williams

I believe these are the top 10 “counterfeit convictions” and lies swirling among our religious society today. They are simple, but their impact is profound. As a Christian for over 15 years, I have believed each of these at one time or another– and thankfully– the wrecking of my “old striving faith” came crashing down. After living in these fake convictions on and off for years my “religious faith” crumbled under the Counterfeit Way of works. I couldn’t compete on the “religious scale” anymore– I couldn’t KEEP UP. That’s when my works met the fullness of the beautiful, broken cross and led me to TRUTH where Grace carried me. For “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (from religious shame). Please be advised: a break-through is on it’s way when truth is revealed…..

So here’s how to be a “fake” Christian — but nonetheless, perhaps a “strong” Christian in Counterfeit Christianity.

1. Accept guilt as a standard of being Christian. Let guilt determine your faith destiny- and nothing else.
2. Conform to the single handed way a Christian woman is and “should be”.
3. Strive to be holy more than knowing the Holy one.
4. Never feel at rest with what was accomplished at the cross. (and add to it your works. )
5. Not understanding the power of the broken veil, where confidence to seek Him (raw and real) is what we’re called to.
6. Receive only what we know we have been striving to earn, and not what was freely given.
7. Don’t ask God why. Don’t you dare believe He cares about what has stumbled your faith in Him. Keep it a secret.
8. ‎Think of God as a Far Away Father, a Punishing God or a Pleasure Taker -Awayer. Never believe His plans truly could be better than your own.
9. ‎Keep your sins a secret lest any power come from getting help. You look so less Christian than those who can hide better than you.
10. ‎Recite and share that Jesus loves you this I know, but keep yielding and denying the power that could set you free once and for all.

If you feel any guilt from reading this… congratulations… you’ve just braced arms with Counterfeit Lie #1.

These are COUNTERFEITS– they are not the REAL convictions that Jesus gave us that CHANGE us. They bring us to no other place, than a place of discouragement and death. Whether your faith has given up hope or has taken a beating under the nasty terrain of these counterfeits… There is GOOD NEWS!!!

Although Satan is deceptive as can be and YOU may have fallen for at least a few of these.. know that you are not ALONE! This is what this crazy spiritual battle is all about. It’s SIMPLE: Truth vs. Lies. – God vs. Satan.

The way to defeat these burdensome lies is easy IF APPLIED!!! The TRUTH can’t ever be lost or erased. Spend time in it. Know the REAL so that you can be more in tune with the FAKE deceiving lies that have the power to take out your faith, or just as worse… Keep you from the Only One, the Gracious and Loving One– who could change your life and set you free once and for all. HE LOVES YOU. HE LOVES YOU. HE LOVES YOU. I wish those words could jump off the page and fight every stronghold the enemy has used in your life to keep you captive to the fear, guilt or condemnation you are NOT hearing from your loving Abba Father.

Be encouraged today — and pick ONE lie to defeat today with Scripture backing you up. YOU ARE LOVED — so live loved dear friends! You were bought at a price and I pray that you will find your value in that price. He knows how valuable you are. He wanted you to read this today and He sees you. He loves you. He hears you.

Come back for my follow up post next TUESDAY on THE TRUTH to defeat these lies!!

Be Blessed,

Jessica Liv