One thing my daughter Olivia and I truly enjoy, is crafting and snacking together. Lately, we’ve been discussing what healthy foods are… so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to combine a healthy snack with a festive Halloween craft! We had a ghoully good time making this “spooky” treat!

22405577_1237185419718764_3450457797233242496_nHer imagination led her to make a “mommy ghost” and a “baby ghost”!

I remember making these ghosts all throughout my childhood, so I wanted to start this tradition with her each fall.










I purchased these Mini Babybel® 100% real cheese snacks at my local Target store, and was super excited they had the Halloween prints for all the more fun!

Olivia enjoyed this spooky, delicious craft so much and we hope you do too! We put all of the leftover ghost cheese snacks in the fridge for quick grab-and-go healthy treats.

What you’ll need:

Directions: Start by laying out the Mini Babybel® cheese on the table. Take a piece of tissue paper and fold in half, putting the cheese in the middle and then gathering it and tying it with a piece of yarn. Draw eyes and a mouth with a black marker. Enjoy unwrapping and savoring these healthy ghost-goodies with your little ones!

We also paired them with salami for an afternoon snack, and my little one was in heaven! Truth be told, mama was too! I enjoy getting to partake in all of the fun kid projects for each holiday! After our tummies were full, I had one happy toddler! I was ALSO one happy mama knowing she’s getting a great source of protein and calcium with this snack!

Happy crafting and ENJOY!!

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Be sure to stop at your local Target for deals on Mini Babybel® products for the whole month of October. You can find them in the refrigerated food section.