I’m sorry to tell you.. but it’s true. YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH.

There are days when I don’t feel like I can ever measure up. Days when my child needs me and I need someone too but no one is around. Days when I haven’t even gotten dressed, but done a million little things for my kid that go unnoticed. Days when I think about how all I’ve ever wanted to be was a wife and mom, yet my dreams unraveled as fast as they seemingly came true. Days when I want to do more and be more, but simply can’t.

Pressure from this society we live in. Work in. Go to church in. People that can do more than we can. Social media. Emails. All the technology that keeps our heads spinning and our hearts on hold. There is no time for anything. Everyone is busy. This world is broken, but personal to-do lists shadow over the hurting, the lonely.

Enough is enough. I’m going to admit it loud and clear: I AM NOT ENOUGH. YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH. We can never be enough or do enough. We just can’t.

I know we have fought the battle of striving, proving and juggling for so long and so hard… but it’s time to let go. Let the balls drop and land where they will. They will still be there. Tasks and emails and duties. A clean house will be a thing when the kids move out. It will just happen… one day. But for now– I’m going to LIVE IN THE PRESENT, LET GO of trying to do it all and EMBRACE THAT I’M NOT ENOUGH.

That’s easier to do than say when you know Who IS enough.

Christ/God/Jesus IS enough for me. He’s enough for me to stop the ridiculous striving. He’s enough to cover me where I fail, and lean on when I’m weak.

What He says about me IS enough for me to believe that I’m chosen, accepted, important. I’m not going to keep giving myself guilt trips a.k.a.mommy guilt and I’m going to stop telling myself the lies I’m so easily thrown.


Free to fail and free to love. Free to be present with my daughter while the dishes wait. Free to rest in the arms of a God whose kindness knows no end. Free to enjoy life and know God loves giving good gifts to His children. Free to feel at peace, knowing who’s in control. Free to not do enough and be enough, but enjoy the One who is.

20841959_1190079744429332_4659569543573076916_nBeing at peace enough to be present is the best gift.




Little ones sure have it right. Playing and laughing is everything. Resting and napping too. 😉




I’m not enough but I’m free.