Ms. Arizona 2017, here I come!!! I am beyond blessed to be the reigning Ms. Phoenix 2017, where I will have a chance to promote my platform and make great connections in this community around me, all while making a difference.

This has been a dream of mine to compete for the title of Ms. Arizona since I’ve had my daughter. More than just getting my body back, I wanted to continue to pursue my dreams, even during this beautiful journey of motherhood.


My platform, The Well Loved Woman, is something that evolved on it’s own. I am a very passionate person and through the events of the last several years, life’s experiences has taught me many things. I have developed confidence building skills over time and I have become empowered through physical fitness and counseling. My mental, physical and spiritual journey has led me to be the best woman I can be. I have learned to embrace my flaws and yet still learn to grow. I have done the hard work of healing so that I can love myself fully and let others in. I am more than a survivor of domestic violence, I am a fighter. I fight for all the good things life has to bring me. To me, that is self-love, laughter, family and friends. I am a new woman through this beautiful journey of self love that I have been on. I want to share my story with everyone and I am excited to help women, young and old, to be the confident well-loved women they were created to be!

So will you join me on this journey as I get ready to compete for the crown? I would love to be your new Ms. Arizona and spread this love I have to every woman in this amazing state!

I would love your support and if you are interested in watching me compete on April 28th, 2017, please reach out to me and I’ll get you the deets!

Here is my Go Fund Me page if you are interested in helping with any of the costs associated with the pageant fees (a.k.a. helping me spread love and empower many women!):

Thank you,

Jessica XOXO


Ms. Phoenix 2017 – Jessica Williams


Thank you everyone for all of your love and support!

Photos by: Erin Ashley Photography


This great state forty-eight! #AZsunsetsbaby



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   LOVE you all!!!! XOXO, Jess



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Thank you for helping make my dreams come true!

edit14Photos by: Erin Ashley Photography