This past weekend was a blast celebrating my daughter Olivia’s 2nd Birthday! She has loved Minnie Mouse since she first laid eyes on her when she was around 1 years old and hasn’t stopped! Everywhere we go she spots Minnie and shouts it out!

When I was brainstorming ideas on what to do for her party, I had NO idea what to do. Then, I came across my second birthday photo and saw my mom had done a Minnie Mouse theme for me. Since Olivia loves Minnie so much I knew that it would be perfect for her. I thought it would be really easy since there are so many Minnie Mouse/Mickey decorations available, but I really wanted to do most of her decorations myself since I enjoy it so much.

So here is what I came up with… I hope you enjoy and feel free to share!


IMG_4671   Welcome to Olivia’s “Bow-tique” Minnie Mouse themed birthday party!

IMG_4672 “Meeska Mooska” Minnie Cupcakes were a hit with my favorite homemade buttercream frosting recipe (and oreo cookies for Minnie’s ears)!

IMG_4673 The table is set! (except for the “Hot Diggity Dogs” and the “Bow-tique” pasta!)

IMG_4677  All ready to party with our friends and family and celebrate our birthday girl, Olivia!

IMG_4679  Daddy made a big Minnie Mouse for the girls to take pictures with!

IMG_4688   “Oh-TWO-dles!” Minnie and Mickey Oreo Cookies

IMG_4773  “Hot Diggity Dogs” (Chicken corn dogs that were delish!)

IMG_4689 Minnie Mouse Balloon is a must and lasts around 3-5 days after the party!

IMG_3896Pin the bow on Minnie was fun for the littles and not so easy for the un-peekers!

IMG_3935   Her joy is so contagious. This is her. Always laughing, always smiling. My silly girl.

IMG_3941 I am SO BEYOND PROUD of this girl! She is such a smart, kind and caring girl!


“It’s my party and I can cry if I want to!” (She didn’t like the flash!)


Showing off her dress!




Olivia and her friend Cece


IMG_4777Getting ready to sing to the birthday girl!


   She wasn’t very fond of the candles!

IMG_4815   A cake all to myself? Why YES please!!


  Minnie Mouse prefers a fork when eating her cake!

IMG_4830   My sweet TWO year old!


Opening her gifts was so much faster this year because she knows exactly what to do now!! Hehe!

IMG_4036 Photos with Minnie and that’s a wrap! “Oh TWO-dles” banner I made (with some of the same pieces I used for last years party-just flipped over!)


We were so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family join us to celebrate! Olivia was so happy and excited to see all of her friends at her party!

“Minnie” THANKS for stopping by!