As a mother, there are certain things that we indefinitely want our child to know. Things we never want them to question and things we always want them to carry with them wherever this life would bring them.

Here are the ten things that I want my daughter to know (from my mommy perspective!). I was honored to share this with my church on Mother’s Day this year.


  1. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are a gift, God’s grace to me.
  2. I have wanted you for as long as I can remember, I daydreamed about you, I searched for you, I longed for you and I will always want you and long for you.
  3. In this life, there are many troubles. But you can overcome them with God’s help.
  4. You can DO anything! There is no dream too BIG for you my sweet baby! I believe in you!
  5. Always put God first in your life and heart- I promise He is what we truly long for.
  6. People will disappoint you and fail you, but God NEVER will.
  7. God wants a close relationship with us, like I want with you and you want with me. He wants our snuggles, our laughs, our cries and our hugs. He wants us to talk to him and for us to hear Him when He talks back.
  8. You are worth more than all of the precious rubies and diamonds in the world, your worth is immeasurable because God created you with His hands. You are perfect. There is only one you.
  9. God loves you so very much. You can try to hide from Him, but His love will always find you.
  10. I love you more than all of the stars in the sky, more than the colors in the rainbow and the beautiful sky. You are my angel and I will always love you.

Being a mother has brought me great joy (the easy part)- and it is also something that I want to be intentional about– raising my child to know my life’s mission and what God has done for us!

I am sure all of you mother’s and mother’s-to-be can relate to the love that your heart holds for your child. I am going to put this in her baby book and maybe hang it on her wall. (Hmm… I see a cute DIY project for her room in the near future!)

I’d love to hear from you and read something you want YOUR child or future child to know below!