I was so excited for this shoot. I wanted to capture the incredible bond I have with my girl, the love we have for each other, this fun season of her being “one” and our last moments of breastfeeding. Basically, I got really sappy one day and realized that she really isn’t a baby anymore and I wanted to capture this memory in time because it is the final phase of “baby”. I needed photographs to accept this fact. (Any other moms have this problem?!) Isn’t it crazy how fast these little people steal your heart and then how quickly they go on to walking and playing and not wanting to be held?! I have truly enjoyed the first two years of Olivia’s life and I will continue to celebrate each season. With tears and all.

Hope you enjoy these mom and daughter shots!


“You will always be my walking heart.” -Mommy





We have a picture like this when she was a day old. Makes my heart melt!



She had fun running to me in this shot!

DSC_1716 color

I can’t believe she just turned TWO!!!! I am so proud of you Olivia! You are saying so many words and are so talented and smart! You are even saying 4 to 5 words sentences, “Mom, I want my baby!” “Where did the baby go?” What a big girl!!!


“You are my daughter and I am your mama. I love you with everything I am and ever hope to be. You have blessed my life more than anything in this world as God has given you to me. I love you forever and ever.”