It has been in the triple-digits for the last couple weeks now! This Phoenix weather is ridiculous! Being the adventurous family that we are, it makes us switch it up a lot! No more outdoor play for now!

Here are the top 5 things we enjoy in the summertime, while staying cool! Be sure to check them out for you and your tribe:

  1. Visit your city’s historical/downtown library for storytime/playgroups. Check out some new books that your child is interested in. Pack a lunch and enjoy time exploring the library!



2. Cut up some WATERMELON and enjoy time in the pool! If you don’t have one, get a tiny plastic pool and fill it with a few inches in the mid-morning before it gets too hot. (Here that would be 7am!)


3. Plant an indoor pot with flowers or succulents. Something that is easy to maintain and can allow your child to practice watering it daily. Make a “watering can” out of any cup you no longer need. If you want, you or your child can paint/decorate the pot!


4. Create a dress-up station in their room or playroom by using hangers and a box organized with accessories. If you already have one, add some outfits to it. Take a trip to Goodwill and look around. A few new pieces can take your child’s imagination anywhere!


5. And lastly, BUILD A SECRET FORT—duh!! What child doesn’t want your help in building an awesome fort that can stay up for a few days and possibly have a meal in?! You can give it a theme, such as a “reading fort” where books can be read with a flash light! Take a break from making sure the formal living room is cleaned up and allow the fort to remain for a few days or even a week! Your child will never forget these times you allow them to be creative and have fun, all while staying COOL this summer!


Hope you enjoy these 5 ideas! Have fun and don’t forget to play yourself a little this summer!